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Our experts at Lowry Solutions can also provide many tools and resources to simplify your transition. Rewriting and migrating applications and databases requires extensive and intensive testing. So make sure to plan sufficient testing time and thoroughly test all your devices, applications, and networks before you officially make the switch.

The Android user interface is highly intuitive and easy to use, and many workers already use it on their smartphones and tablets. Call us at or email us now.


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Select New Mobile Devices When you switch to Android, there are many opportunities to upgrade to new devices with better mobile performance, computing power, battery life, and scanning capabilities. You're sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a morning brew. And what are people all around you doing?

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They're checking their e-mail, surfing the web, reading the news, and checking the latest weather report—all on their iPhones, Android phones, Blackberrys, Windows phones, and other devices that just a few short years ago wouldn't have fit in a suitcase, much less a purse or pants pocket. Put simply, there is no way to transfer your apps from one platform to another. In most cases they will be, but not always.

While mobile ecosystems are largely the same in terms of offering the same type of basic apps mail, Internet browser, calendar, calculator, app store, and so on you will find that switching to iOS brings some readjustment to how you do things. Fortunely though, while the organization of screens differs, on the whole the transition can be very quick from Android or Windows Phone to iOS.

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Despite the differences between the platforms, it is quite straightforward to switch between them. Have you switched from Android or Windows Phone to iPhone? How did the data migration go?

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Thank you so much for this article. I wanted to transfer contacts from my wife's Lumia WP8. Again many thanks! To move Android or Windows phone contacts to your iPhone, maybe this discussion would be helpful.

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  8. It's fine for secondary devices an iPad for example , but for a primary device, it's simply too limited; I can do far more with Android. Retrograding is not an intuitive act