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My novels are set in West End Central because one of the first pieces of journalism that I ever did … was writing about the vice squad [there] … So I knew it and it seemed like a good way to swerve the cliche. With all its regional, generational and other contextual variations, perhaps a definition of the London novel beyond that basic — and arguably tenuous — geographical premise is impossible.

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As such, is it a mistake to set out to write one? You must know London Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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Featuring Laure Vans Rensburg. What do you do after you have finished writing and editing your book?

Safeena Chaudhry, novelist and organiser of Novel London, will be taking you through a session on how to format your novel to get it ready for publication. Featuring: Danielle Cahill. Join us as we celebrated the work of the competition entrants in an evening of readings. Tara Arkle. Christopher Bowden.

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David John Griffins. Serena B Robins.

The evening culminated in the prize giving ceremony. Vellum Format Your Books with Vellum Vellum, first released in , has been used to create thousands of beautiful ebooks.

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