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Nov 03, Minutes. Twenty-seven years ago, technology died. The fundamental laws of the universe had inexplicably changed. But Fred fears the repercussions of such drastic, irreversible steps. A publishing event twenty-five years in the making: the long awaited sequel to the unforgettable post-apocalyptic fantasy, Ariel. Thirty years ago the lights went out, the airplanes fell, the cars went still, the cities all went dark. The laws humanity had always known were replaced by new laws that could only be called magic.

The world has changed forever. Or has it? In a small community on the California coast are Fred Garey and his friend Yan, both born after the Change. Yan dreams of doing something so big his name will live on forever. Steven R.

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In he took some time off from writing, and during this period he learned to play the didgeridoo,… More about Steven R. Twenty-five years later Ace has published Elegy Beach , my sequel to Ariel.

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It has been unequivocally the best publishing experience I have ever had, and an absolute delight even during a lot of hard work for me and for Ace. My response is that the world before the Change really was different for each book. Nearly thirty years stands between the writing of those two novels.

In those three decades we began to transition to an information economy and a global society. Communications technology migrated online and began to transform culture and services and business and finance in ways as drastic and unforeseen as the invention of the automobile. The level of scrutiny on public figures and private citizens increased at least a hundredfold. He did castings without wondering how they worked or why, or figuring out ways to make the whole messy process more efficient. I wondered if Mrs.

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Gloster would be as happy to trade dear for her shiny unicorns if she knew I brewed them from ready mix. Propane was one of the items we traded for. More Paypay logic: trade castings for items you use to make castings that you trade for. How do you get ahead that way?

I held up a finger for her to be quiet and turned to recite the charm. Paypay liked castings to be dramatic and in full view of the customer. In movie. Make exciting. Make big. But Paypay was my boss, so when he was around I did the whole bit, raised arms and flourishes and dramatic voice.

Elegy Beach

I cracked my knuckles and made the passes over the cauldron—really just a saucepan on a rusty old campstove—and recited the charm. My first unicorn charms had been these horrible lopsided skinless popeyed mutant horselike things that had gimped around the back of the shop braying and falling down a lot for two days before fading out. The door jangled as another customer came in while I was reciting the charm. Concentrate is good.

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Gloster liked her unicorns small and shiny, golden horned and glossy—more like ceramic ornaments. Well what was the harm. Gloster asked could I make it shinier. I added faint blue to the coat to give it more glow indoors and made the tail fluffier and backed off on the eyes and lashes.

Good luck! Thea James is half of the maniacal book review duo behind The Book Smugglers. By day, she does digital operations things over at Penguin Random House. Totally zombies! Thanks for the contest! Makes me think of that movie Waterworld. Count me in for this one — sounds good. I will go with zombies. I like to think that with zombies we would still have internet and debit cards. Definately Zombies!

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And so brutal when it killed me! But Zombies definately! Me and my friends plan to have an Atlanta based Zombiefest in for Halloween, so if you in Atlanta, be on the lookout! Once it had run its course most of the survivors would have immunity and there would be an opportunity for a fresh start for the earth without all the destruction you would expect from an apocalyptic war. I think I would go with alien invasion.

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There is always a chance they could turn out to be peaceful. Apocalypse of choice?

Or robots. Or mutants. Actually, mutant robot zombies would be perfect. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. In Elegy Beach we hear about sea serpents and rocs, but the readers actually see centaurs.

To a large extent the centaurs are the bad guys, taking the place of the necromancers hired thugs in Ariel. There is of course one soft hearted centaur by the name of Bob, who is slightly different from the rest of his warlike race. I quite liked Boyett's depiction of centaurs as somewhat alien creatures very different from the usual image of a person with a horse's body that is seen in most literature featuring centaurs Harry Potter , Piers Anthony's Xanth series, etc It also made me wish that Raymond E.

Feist had written more about the Thun centaur like inhabitants of Kelewan in his Midkemia books. As with Ariel , Boyett writes action very well, and his fight sequences obviously drew on his martial arts experience and were the better for it. Like Ariel the ending was bitter sweet.